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Thursday 15 February 2018

Our Speakers

Susannah Forgarty , AKQA

Finding voice’s place in your Digital Ecosystem

Voice technology was certainly a shiny object of 2017. From in-car UI and smart refrigerators at CES through the Amazon-Google-Apple-Sonos smart speaker arms race, it feels like Voice technology is finally ready for users (and as a result, brands) to engage with. At the same time, the relatively low-risk and low-effort of custom skills has led to a bit of a “throw it at the wall and see what sticks” approach. Susannah Fogarty, Senior Content Strategy Director at AKQA D.C., will explore how we can shift from thinking of Voice as a one-off novelty to understanding its role in a complicated and connected ecosystem, and what this means for our digital experiences moving forward.

Lawrence Norton & Scott Cullum , AKQA

Practical Voice Development

While designing for Voice is quite hard, developing for Voice is quite easy. That is, until you consider the litany of disparate platforms, vocabulary, dialects, languages, use cases, limitations, comforts, assumptions, and promises. This list could continue… AKQA’s Scott Cullum and Lawrence Norton will share what clarity they have found while wandering the wild world of Voice design and development.

Joseph Price , Washington Post

Ambient News

Voice devices like Google Home and Amazon Echo are part of a wave of “ambient computing”—low-friction interfaces that deliver seamless user experiences then recede into the background. This is in stark contrast to our screen experiences, which are constantly begging for attention (and business models that often depend on it). What does this mean for the future of news consumption? Joseph Price, Senior Product Manager at The Washington Post, will review some early lessons the Post has learned launching breaking news, audio briefings, and multiple skills on Voice platforms.

The Venue

Thursday 15 February 2018, 18:00 - 20:00

AKQA Washington
3299 K St, NW Floor 3
Washington, D.C., 20007
United States

Free Entry. Refreshments Provided.

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