Thursday 26 September 2013

Our Speakers

Dean Hume & Robin Osborne , HireSpace / Mailcloud

WebP And Compressive Images

The size of an average web page is growing, now clocking in at around 1MB. Because of the visual nature of the web, it's not surprising that images make up the bulk of that size, and, typically, the larger the page size, the slower that page is to load. Modern image optimisation techniques are proven to reduce the size of images without sacrificing quality, making pages lighter and faster. Join Robin and Dean as they look at how to further reduce page weight using the web's burgeoning image format, WebP, and a cunning new way of approaching reuse: compressive images.

Nick Lockwood , AKQA

iOS Transitions

Apple's iOS platform is well known for its rich visuals and its use of animation to bring content and user interactions to life. As a developer, animating simple graphical properties such as position or colour is made very straightforward in Objective-C, but would you know how to animate from one text string to another, or how to smoothly replace an entire screenful of content in one swoop? Nick Lockwood, Head of iOS Development at AKQA, will use this presentation to demonstrate how to use built-in transitions to simplify complex animation tasks, and show how to create beautiful bespoke transition effects, in order to create apps that rival the visual richness of the operating system itself.

Den Odell , AKQA

One Web To Rule Them All

The web is supposed to be the great democratiser, but what happens if you don't have a web browser? Anybody should be able to access any web content, service or application using any type of connected device from anywhere at any time, but the current reality is far from this. Join Den Odell, Head of Web Development at AKQA, as he envisions a "One Web" future, the ultimate form of Responsive Design where sites truly adapt to their users' devices, needs and context, a future where user interfaces reach beyond the browser to create an optimal experience for everyone, all built to W3C web standards.

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The Venue

Thursday 26 September 2013, 18:30 - 21:00

The Goldsmiths' Centre
42 Britton Street
London EC1M 5AD

Free Entry. Refreshments Provided.

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