Data Science

Thursday 19 October 2017

Our Speakers

Dr Rebecca Pope , KPMG

How can machine learning make healthcare more 'human'?

We regularly interact with and use machine learning systems in our daily lives - e.g. Google, Facebook and Amazon. However, the adoption of this digital technology in healthcare is slow, but could prove revolutionary. This talk will cover what machine learning is, how it could be used in the NHS, and paradoxically, how it could make our NHS even more 'human'.

Dr J. Rogel , AKQA

Data Science with a Touch of Tech

Unlocking the real value of data science goes beyond knowing what data we have (and how much of it there is). Running models and improving scores is important, but the data by 'itself' is not enough. In order to create proper applications that bring value not only do we need machine learning specialists, data scientists and statisticians, but also engineers, devops and agile experts. In this talk we will cover some experiences of opening up the dialogue between data scientists and tech teams.

Robin Houston , Kiln

Interactive data visualisation

Robin will talk about how Kiln use interactive data visualisation to tell stories. Using case studies, he will discuss some of the key lessons they have learned over the past five years on how to communicate data effectively and attractively, and how these lessons have informed the design of their new platform, Flourish.

The Venue

Thursday 19 October 2017, 18:30 - 21:00

The Goldsmiths' Centre
42 Britton Street
London EC1M 5AD

Free Entry. Refreshments Provided.

Ticket Details

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