Thursday 13 March 2014

Our Speakers

Scott Van Looy , AKQA

Simplicity is the key to speed

In these days of websites built on top of libraries built on top of frameworks built on top of hacks, have we lost our way? After all, users just want a site that works fast. It doesn't matter how beautiful it looks if no one sticks around long enough to get past the loading screen. Join Scott Van Looy, Technical Architect at AKQA, as he guides us through his process for building beautiful, creatively rich websites that load super-fast – with real-world proof.

Robert Brown , ASOS

Fiddling With Charles (Oo'er Missus)

Have you ever had to waste a day setting up a local environment to fix a bug that you know will only take 5 mins of coding? Have cross domain security policies spoilt your local environment? Ever wished you could test some new functionality within your production environment without having to go through the release process? In this whistle stop tour of Charles Proxy, Rob Brown, Principal UI Engineer at ASOS, will be introducing some of the features he uses on a near-daily basis which help with all of the these cases, and more.

Benjamin Howarth , Code Gecko

Detox And Eating Cake At The SPA

Aaah, HTML5 and Javascript. The buzzwords that send fear into the hearts of web developers everywhere when a client starts using them. Your client will tell you tomorrow morning that they would like a responsive mobile site. And an app. And all their content on their regular website needs to be in the mobile website... and the app. Half of you is screaming “YES! Six months’ work and a stable paycheck”. The other half is screaming “Run away! Run away!”. Sound familiar? In this talk we’ll take an existing desktop website, redesign it using Twitter Bootstrap, and add Single Page Application (SPA) functionality using KnockoutJS, Durandal, and Breeze, whilst still retaining SEO so that your website can still be found. One codebase, all platforms, no loss in SEO, in twenty minutes (not including preparation time).

Harald Krefting , AKQA

Creating A Virtual World For Oculus Rift

One of the most exciting developments in interactive technology recently has been the introduction of the Oculus Rift virtual reality headset. Join Senior Creative Developer Harald Krefting as he shows how AKQA developed a virtual reality experience for Nissan using Unity3D to allow customers to co-create their own cars in high definition 3D. And, yes, there will be demo units in the room!

The Venue

Thursday 13 March 2014, 18:30 - 21:00

The Goldsmiths' Centre
42 Britton Street
London EC1M 5AD

Free Entry. Refreshments Provided.

Ticket Details

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