Disruptive technologies

Thursday 14 April 2016

Our Speakers

Maciej Matyjas ,

Building better mousetraps with Reactive JavaScript

The Reactive & Functional Reactive Programming paradigms have stormed onto the development scene over the last few years. In JavaScript, they are manifested by a number of different libraries and even languages, with whole conferences dedicated to some frameworks. Lets not worry about the hype or the ecosystem for a few minutes, but rather concentrate on the fundamentals and the value of FRP. We will use Bacon.js to elaborate on the concepts, but any FRP tool can provide the same benefits.

Rhian Lewis , CountMyCrypto

Blockchains for a new machine economy

The protocol that underlies Bitcoin and other digital money can be used for a lot more than just payments: music copyright, smart contracts, exam certification and energy allocation, for example. The convergence between IoT and blockchain tech is one of the most exciting topics at the moment. The Internet of Things is projected to comprise 26 billion devices and a $1.9 trillion economy by 2020, and with the likes of Microsoft and IBM now developing blockchain implementations, it’s a question of when - not if – this technology will start underpinning many areas of everyday life.

Phil Nash , Twilio

Making video chat a feature

WebRTC has been promising a glorious future of peer to peer communications since its initial release back in 2011. As always the reality is a bit more difficult than it sounded. We'll take a look at what WebRTC gives you as well as, importantly, what it leaves out. We'll take a look at the hurdles involved in implementing WebRTC. Finally we'll see how we can combine WebRTC services with Web Components to realise that glorious future with very little effort.

The Venue

Thursday 14 April 2016, 18:30 - 21:00

The Goldsmiths' Centre
42 Britton Street
London EC1M 5AD

Free Entry. Refreshments Provided.

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